Washington State Association of Senior Centers

Opportunity and Growth through a Leadership Organization

Senior centers and senior programs are a community focal point where older adults come together for services and activities that reflect their experience and skills, respond to their diverse needs and interests, enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their involvement in and with the community.

As part of comprehensive community strategy to meet the needs of older adults, senior centers and programs offer services and activities within the center and link participants with resources offered by other agencies. Senior programs consist of a variety of individual and group services and activities.

The center or program also serves as a resource for the entire community for information on aging; support for family caregivers; training professional and lay leaders and students; and for development of innovative approaches to addressing aging issues.

The senior center or program addresses the recreational and therapeutic needs of its clientele in the promotion of programs that provide leisure services.

Organization Purposes

The purpose for which the Association is organized includes:

  1. Encouraging growth and development of the senior center concept.
  2. Providing growth and networking opportunities for senior center personel.
  3. Advocating improved services for senior citizens.

Membership Services & Benefits

  • Annual training conferences for professionals and students
  • Opportunity for involvement in the organization’s growth
  • Networking with professional peers
  • Information and assistance with new and developing programs
  • Involvement in legislative issues affecting senior centers and older adults
  • Washington State Senior Center Directory (updated biannually)
  • Washington Recreation & Park Association affiliation and discount on dues
  • Group Travel opportunities
  • Organizational website: www.wsasc.org 


Board of Directors


  • Mary-Anne Grafton – Chair
  • Sharon Burlison – Chair
  • Susan Kingsbury-Comeau – Secretary
  • Katelyn Clavette – Treasurer
  • Kirstin May – Membership

Members at Large

  • David Schmidt (Conference Logistics)
  • Beth King
  • Chris Quimby
  • Kira Avery (Website/ Facebook)

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