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Happy New Year! It’s the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey, which is said to bring lots of activity and change, requiring good planning and self-reliance. So put the Spring WSASC Conference for Senior Center Professionals on your calendar NOW, (May 24-26, 2016) and gather up some resources and inspiration from your WSASC Community and our wonderful sponsors. If you haven’t joined yet this year, please see our member page for new group rates. Members received deeply discounted Conference registration!

Come to us for ideas and support, add your own and get involved. Several board positions are opening. We need your energy and ideas! Please continue to share your events on our Facebook page. Thank you!

A Warm WSASC Welcome from New Board Chair, Teri Burke

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Hey everybody! Did you know that I am your new Board Chair? No? Sorry about that. We got so caught up in the end of conference activities that we forgot to make the announcement. It feels a little awkward to be doing it myself, but since our former Chair, Abby, has gone off to live the retired life, I guess it is up to me to make the official announcement. So…

At the 2015 Conference the Washington State Association of Senior Centers, the Board elected Teri Burke (Program Coordinator, Redmond Senior Center) to be the Board Chair for the two-year term of 2015-2017. Okay, so now that I am official, I thought that a little “State of the Association” message might be appropriate. So here goes:

The state of WSASC is good in many ways and a little challenged in a few others. We have a core group of very dedicated members that believe in us and are willing to work to keep it a valuable organization for everyone working to provide programs and services to older adults in our communities. Also good is the fact that every year we welcome new members to the field and to WSASC.

Another good thing is that all the intermittent problems on the website have been worked out and we anticipate that it can become an even more useful tool for our members. Please feel free to submit information, articles and photos to Amy Sassenberg at admin@wsasc.org. The information on the website is only as good as the content we receive to post. So if you want to see more, then send more. And remember we have a Facebook page, too. Have you looked at it? Did you “like” it?

The 2016 Conference Committee, led by Katrina Douglas from Ellensburg, has been working hard on conference plans for this year. They have some great ideas and this conference looks to be an excellent one. Mark your calendars now for May 24-26 in Chelan.

I also believe that one of the things in our favor is that we all share a passion for the people we serve. We look for new ideas and better ways to improve the quality of their lives. We’re eager to learn about programs or services that will help them remain viable participants in society for as long as possible. It’s this passion that keeps us strong.

However, we do have some challenges; the most significant ones being the lack of time and money. While we believe in the Association we just don’t feel like we have the time to take on any additional responsibilities. For many, their budgets are so tight it is difficult to justify the expense of a membership or conference. There are no easy answers to these challenges. Life is busy. Money is short. All I can do is encourage you to look beyond yourself and the boundaries you perceive. Ask someone to cover for you so you can attend the conference or a committee meeting. Seek out a grant or scholarship for the conference expenses.

Please consider giving some of your time and energy to WSASC. We are currently seeking members to work on the nominating committee and they will be looking for members willing to take on the Treasurer role, as well as several member-at-large positions. You can have a voice in shaping the future of WSASC. Join us!

Teri Burke, WSASC Board Chair

CHELAN CONFERENCE is COMING! <<<— Click the link to see more!

Campbell’s Resort in Lake Chelan <<<—- Click her to go to their website. Conference is May 24-26. 2016
This year’s theme is “Under The Sun!” As in “WE do EVERYTHING under the sun!” Ain’t it the truth?! If you work at a Senior Center or anywhere in a senior community, you know we are stretched in many different directions. But we carry on because we have a passion for the people and the work and it stretches us as professionals. So come and celebrate all that you do and are in SUNNY CHELAN and learn and stretch some more!
 Your 2015-2016 Board

Our Board gained some great minds and hearts this last spring, in the form of Teri Burke from Redmond Senior Center,


WSASC Needs You!

The 2016 WSASC Nominating Committee is tasked with developing a slate for presentation at the WSASC 2016 Conference in May. Please contact Teri or any board member if you are interested in serving on the Board or want to recommend a potential candidate. Remember WSASC relies on the infusion of new board members to successfully shape the future! Please take a risk and consider saying “Yes” if you are asked.



Abbie Nielsen, Chair

Betsy Maxwell, Secretary

Jacob McGee, Treasurer

Teri Burke, Membership

Sheri McConnaughey, Fundraising through Travel

Amy Sassenberg, Marketing

Eileen McKenzie-Sullivan, Board Appointed Senior Lobby

-Board Appointed Conference Committee Liaison


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